Monterey Bay Aquarium by Gia-Marie Garganese

So these past couple months have been extremely hectic, it was my last semester in school, I was juggling 3 jobs,  putting together my final portfolio, preparing for graduation as well as grad review, family coming in town, etc. I was SO busy and did not have anytime to just relax and actually take in all that has happened. First off, I AM NOW A COLLEGE GRADUATE! WOO!! thanks mom n dad and to everyone who has supported me throughout this journey! I am so happy to finally be done so I can put 100% focus on my business and career. I also can't believe my time at Brooks is already done and over with, but boy oh boy it was worth EVERY second.  From blue spheres, to black glass, to 16 hrs in the studio, to data books, creative apps, electives, capstone, then finally the most nerve racking day of my life, grad review. Which I passed with flying colors and also took the biggest weight off my shoulders. Its now time to close that chapter of my life and start a new one, in the REAL world :)

After graduation we decided to take a trip up north with my boyfriends family.  It was wonderful spending quality time with them and showing them what California has to offer!  We stopped in Big Sur, slept in Carmel, cruised the coast, checked out Monterey Bay Aquarium, and headed up to San Francisco for my brothers 26th birthday. I have been wanting to go to the Aquarium for some time no; I was happy to roam with my camera without a care in the world with these cute little fishies modeling for me.  So here are some of my favorite pictures from that day :) enjoy!